Patient Portal

There are two separate Patient Portals for our community - one portal links you to information about your stay or services at Huggins Hospital (including COVID-19 test results) and the other links you to your medical information from our Huggins Hospital Physician Practices. Please read below for more information.

Physician Practice Portal (FollowMyHealth)

If you are a patient of one of our Physician Practices and you would like to view parts of your medical record, please log in to the FollowMyHealth Physician Practice Patient Portal. If you are unsure if your primary care provider is affiliated with Huggins Hospital, you can find our office on our Locations Page.

NOTE: If you have an existing account with the previous physician practice patient portal (My Health Record), this account remains active but no new health information will be available. First-time registration is no longer available.

Hospital Services or COVID-19 Test results (MyCareCorner Portal)

If you were an inpatient or received services at Huggins Hospital and would like to view your health information, please log in to the Huggins Hospital Patient Portal. This is also the portal you can use to view your COVID-19 Test results. Once you give your e-mail address to our registration staff, you will receive an e-mail invite to join the portal. If you do not have this e-mail invite and need help accessing the portal, please e-mail for assistance.

NOTE: If you have an existing account with the previous hospital portal (Thrive), you will be redirected to MyCareCorner by logging in.  If you're experiencing difficulty, please reach out to us.