Balance and Vertigo Therapy

Restoring your equilibrium

Balance therapy is designed to help with the dizziness, walking difficulties, and falls that may result from central nervous system problems, bodily weakness, posture issues, or damage to the "vestibular system" – an organ inside the inner ear that maintains equilibrium.

Addressing your balance problems through this specialized form of physical therapy can help you remain safe and independent as you go about your daily activities. That’s why, at Huggins Hospital’s Back Bay Rehabilitation, we not only have the latest in balance technology, we also have staff who are trained in this specialty. We provide a comprehensive balance evaluation, individualized rehabilitation, and retraining to improve function and prevent falls.

In your first visit, which takes 45-60 minutes, we’ll assess your balance, vision, dizziness, strength, walking, and movement. After that initial assessment, you’ll have weekly therapy sessions with progressively more challenging balance and strengthening activities that you can also do at home.

There’s no need to struggle with balance issues on your own, when help is right here in your community. To get started in our program, please check with your health care provider for a referral and prescription, and then call Back Bay Rehabilitation at 603.569.7565 to schedule your evaluation.