Gynecology Services

For care that’s as personal as it is professional

From the time of first menstruation through menopause and beyond, women’s bodies have special needs. But women are much more than just bodies; they have minds and hearts as well, and they have a right to expect state-of-art care that’s every bit as personal as it is professional.

That’s why Wolfeboro Women's Health, a department of Huggins Hospital, offers a full range of skilled services in a setting that’s warm and friendly. We provide:

  • Contraception information and assistance
  • Gynecological screenings to prevent ailments before they happen
  • Testing and management of sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Sophisticated treatment of common problems like pelvic pain, ovarian cysts, cervical polyps, urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse
  • Effective therapy to manage the symptoms of menopause and make it a positive experience

Our board certified physicians understand how important the patient/physician bond is to your health. We take time to establish a comfortable, trusting relationship with you, and our top-notch staff excels at making you feel welcome and answering your questions.

To schedule an appointment with Wolfeboro Women's Health or to learn more about us, please call our office at 603.569.7585.